OUR VIEW ON - Public Relations

Our view is that all Public Relations campaigns are undertaken in a well-planned, professional and timely manner for our clients.  This comes from more than 30 years of expertise in both small to large extensive campaigns.   After a thorough briefing, we will take clients through a detailed plan covering all facets of their tailored campaign and the major components that we shall be working on.

FACT 1.    Public Relations (PR) is NOT advertising.    A PR campaign deals specifically with the current and future needs for your business whether it is:

  • To grow your client base, or extend the client base to include other target markets.
  • To showcase new systems, products, professional services, new team members, community service and environmental initiatives, and/or your business’s point of difference.
  • To educate either targeted audiences or the general public on the value your products or service capability that is over and above your competitors.
  • To reinforce your business name and link it with the industry that you are part of.
  • To counter negative impressions or comments that may surround the industry that you are a part of, or the work that your business undertakes.

FACT 2.  PR campaigns are based largely on EDITORIAL content, whether it be through electronic news media, print, television, social media networks, website content, community events,  and client education.

It is vital that all PR campaigns are planned with a timeframe and budget in place so that they can  be implemented  with all parties understanding what is the key message content, and likely response from clients, customers, and the general public.